Your personal real-time roadmap.

Covid-19 impact and recovery solutions for cities, downtowns, and DMOs.

See the economic impact on your stakeholders in real time. Address stakeholder concerns before they bubble up. Demystify future trends so you can confidently make decisions about when to conserve and when it’s time to hit the gas. Be connected to peers in other BIDs, DMOs, and cities.

Training and regular consultations with industry experts help your team develop response and recovery plans that are specific to your district. Your customized dashboard keeps all the information you care about in one place, with interactive visualizations that make it easy to see what’s happening now and what’s coming next.

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tourism dmo covid-19 response dashboard laptop displaying revenue
Business Services28%

Real-Time Revenue

Track lost revenue in real-time for any industry, as well as business owners’ earnings predications.

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Ready with a Solution

Listen to what your stakeholders need so you can focus your resources on solutions that matter most.

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downtown covid-19 response laptop displaying merchant responses
  • “How do we apply for emergency loans?”

  • “We’re planning to be closed through at least September.”

  • “No one at the city is answering us.”

  • “Is advertising a waste of time? When should we start again?”

  • “How long will this go on? I don’t know how to pay my staff.”

  • “If large events continue to be cancelled, we’ll have to close permanently.”

  • “Please tell us who can help us with our mortgage.”

cities covid-19 indicators for economic recovery dashboard laptop displaying trends

See the Future

You don’t need to be a data geek to see what’s coming next. Red trendlines going up? Your district is taking off!

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“As a BID, we want to show our property owners, businesses, and community stakeholders that we are very much present and engaged during this crisis. We don’t want the perception after this is over that the BID did not do enough.

We’ve relied on ntropy and Bright Brothers as partners as their approach and technology can allow us to segment the data by industry and other factors. The real-time dashboard is just phenomenal.

We plan to compile the data and submit to the City and County of San Francisco to show the real impact and what type of assistance our businesses need. As more financial programs become available on the state and federal level, the data is going to be a crucial step in order for our businesses to receive relief.”

-Robbie Silver
Director of Marketing & Public Realm
Union Square BID

How It Works

Once you connect with our dashboard, we take care of the rest. No long email chains- you’ll be connected personally with our team.

Talk with Us

  • 24 Hours

  • Connect

    Connect And Ready-To-Go

    All you need to get started is access to your analytics and anything else you need to track. In 24 hours, your data is live and ready for you to explore!

  • Support Begins

    We Take Over Support

    With teams on both coasts and in the UK, we’re here to help whenever you need us.

  • Week 1

  • Survey Design

    Expertly Designed Surveys Tailored to You

    Start with pre-built COVID-19 economic impact surveys currently used by governments and districts around the world, then let our researchers customize it to fit your needs.

  • Survey Outreach

    We Make It Easy

    Email, website, text… We send your survey to the people you need to hear from, with response options that make it fun to respond.

  • Week 3

  • Monthly Live Consultations Begin

    Be the Expert

    What does all this information mean? What are other people doing? Live, remote consultations with experienced industry professionals and data analysts will help you to develop actionable plans based on your data and best practices from other cities.

  • Connection & Support

    Always Know Where to Turn

    Join a community of people who have been where you are and can share their own successes with you. Meet new friends, share your experience, and connect with industry peers.

Ready to see it in action? Play with a live dashboard!

Pricing For Big & Small Organizations

World-class tools and industry experts to guide organizations of any size.

Basic Plan

$849/month+ $1k one-time set-up fee

This is the most basic and affordable plan that provides integrated dashboarding, one-time set-up and on-going hosting & support.  This plan includes:

  • Real-time analytics dashboard with integration for up to six data streams 
  • One monthly call of one hour with team to review the dashboard, provide carefully-studied insights, intelligence, overall industry trends and enhanced, specific tactical recommendations for recovery

Premium Plan

Best Value!

$2,500/month+ $1k one-time set-up fee

This premium tier is for districts that are serious about making data-driven decisions for re-opening and recovery. With an eye on defined Marcom best practices, community-engagement at a local level, potential tourism campaigns and more. 

  • Integrated dashboarding with unlimited data streams, real-time analysis, and on-going access to tech and data support
  • Enhanced, on-going support with monthly analysis & consulting
  • Monthly consulting and training sessions with custom, actionable reports on engagement, economic growth, tourism, and events

Enterprise Plan

Three available

This bespoke plan is for data-obsessed districts that are able to mount a full-scale response based on informed decisions for re-opening and recovery.

  • Access to the measurement tools used by cities and governments around the world
  • Data collection designed by world-class data scientists
  • On-going support from industry experts above and beyond COVID-19 planning

Contact us to discuss the needs of your district.